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Bloom Soccer, acted by his Director-president, Jorge Moraes, player' s Agent (Graduate in Accounting Sciences and Administration, and postgraduate in Marketing and Sporting Administration for the Fundação Getúlio Vargas of Rio de Janeiro)).

The Bloom Soccer is a company returned to assist the professional athlete in a personalized way. Concerned with the situation that they are the athletes, we came with a new philosophy of work, very different from what that is today. Is not enough to have just the rights of the athlete, is necessary to invest in his education, formation and mainly in his family. The company believes that joining values to the athlete and contributing to his formation, added to the talent inside of field, he will have better placement conditions in the market. 

Bloom Soccer main objective is to contribute for effective professionalization of the Brazilian soccer. The action line adopted by the company involves consultancy personalized in several sections and future planning for the athletes.  

Partner USA: Anthony Magana studied both Business Administration and Sports Marketing at Hope International University in Fullerton California. In 2007, Anthony founded JT Soccer, LLC, a sports traveling business dedicated to providing elite training programs around the world.


Monitoring and legal support professional and personal contracts. The legal department is coordinated by specialists in Sports Law.


Team for captation players with tactical analysis and access to an extensive database with statistics and scout. Our staff is always attentive to the professional leagues, young categories and lower divisions, besides having the help of a network spread over several cities.


Coordinated by Bernardo Gleizer, journalist with experience in the Diário Lance!, Press Office Master Sports and post-graduate degree in Strategic Management in Digital Marketing gives full support to athletes in the relationship with the press. Accompanying press conferences, structured materials with major media outlets and develops campaigns on social networks, and perform media job training in order to promote and disseminate the athletes.


Tracking Income Tax - Individuals, and all of the tax law involving Image and Income Tax - Corporations. Accompanied by the Company Empresa Organização Contábil Resulta Ltda.


Analysis in all investments for the player, risk forecasts, improved profitability, liquidity and costs direct advice of Banco Itaú S / A.