Another record

When starting his eighth edition of Brazilian Championship for Fluminense, sunday against America-MG, Gum achieved a significant mark. The defender drew with former player Marcão, current auxiliary staff, and became the record holder of appearances for the Tricolor in the competition - 187 matches (90 wins, 42 draws, 55 defeats and 14 goals). In the next round , it would be isolated.

In eight Brazilian Championships,, Gum participated - as a starter - int the conquest of two titles, in 2010 and 2012. Last season was difficult for the defender, who turned twisted the wrath of the target at times, but remained at Laranjeiras and this year, after the arrival of Levir Culpi, gained ground again. Gum said his feeling with this mark is gratitude.

- It's another mark, I confess that I didn't know. Sometimes we don't have the size of what those numbers represent. I'm very grateful to Fluminense for all that is in my career and in my life. I left the interior of São Paulo and today I can say without a doubt that me and all my family are "tricolores". It's a pretty significant number, but my main goal is to win more titles with this shirt - he said.

Gum agora é o líder em jogos pelo Fluminense em Brasileiros (Foto: